About Shawna

She was a graduate of Bartlett High School, a member of the Class of 2008.

She had just completed her freshman year at Johnson and Wales University, in Providence, R.I., where she was a business and criminal justice major.

Her life was lived experiencing new adventures, spending time with her Bartlett High friends, enjoying her college days, the beach, texting, etc.

She was attracted to any food that was green, fire trucks and sirens and being consistently late for everything.

She was dearly loved by her parents who were proud of her many accomplishments.

Here is an interesting list she filled out on Facebook:

  1. true life: i accidently erased this the first time when i got to twenty-three. im still pissed.
  2. the person who knows me best and will always be my best friend is Joe Piechocki.
  3. someday i will be a lawyer or secret agent (:
  4. ive always been the chick boyz' gfs never liked them being friends with. this is not by choice.
  5. i would much rather be surrounded by truly good-hearted people than be in love.
  6. im not materialistic, which means i enjoy the simple things life has to offer.
  7. i prefer sweatpants over jeans bc i refuse to believe im a size 9.
  8. im so shy that to this day i still have a hard time hanging out with some of my best guy friends one on one, which tends to make them drift away.
  9. my first trimester of college was probably the worst time of my life. its gotten 100% better since then. even tho Elias is an asshole sometimes (:
  10. alot of people doubt me and my capabilities to go far in life, which only is motivation to prove them all wrong.
  11. my cousin Kevin Cummings and i have the same birthday 03/12. its pretty ill
  12. i have 2 tattoos; im getting another in 14 dayz; and will have atleast 6 more by the end of this year.
  13. i generally dont speak unless i know im right. its a strategic OCD thing . this tends to make people mad sometimes.
  14. at some point in my life i will live in TEXAS . its amazing & yes everything is bigger (:
  15. i cant live w/o my tylenol PMs or excedrins.. but no im not a pill head or anything
  16. true life: facebook cut me off for sending too many bumper stickers in one day.
  17. ive been late for everything in life ever since 3rd grade. (but you all knew that already)
  18. i get bored easily, which usually results in a new hair color, piercing, car, clothing style, phone, etc.
  19. my dads side of the family hates me because i successfully graduated highschool, when to college, got a job, & because my MYSPACE pictures portray a “spoiled bitch” image. yeah. righttt ?
  20. i absolutely dont fight fire with fire anymore. its a waste of time & im alot happier this way. i believe its a sign of growing up.
  21. imma cheap date, if you ever make it that far.
  22. im seriously attracted to HOUSE, GIBBS (ncis) , DR.DREW, MICHAEL (burn notice).
  23. no matter what happens i kno my (Ss/MM) will forever respect me as i would them.
  24. i truly believe that webster is acurately comparative to a radioactive waste dump and i reccommend you get out as soon as you can. SERIOUSLY.
  25. i wish more people in high school got to know me better, but i still love my class 08<3
2014-10-22 00:00:00GeorgeLife has me agitated. I jumped the gun but should have waited. They said you had no chance. But I'm the one that took the chance away , in my life I pay for it every day. I often wonder what you would be like today had I not gone and did what I did that dreadful day. Not a moment that I don't miss your beautiful face not a moment that I don't miss your contagious laugh. I'll never know the reason why The Lord called you to the sky. I'll try to change the world a person at a time , giving them the opportunity that people had given to you. For all of this I'll take to make their dreams come true on behalf of you.
2014-10-07 00:00:00Georgei met her on her birthday. i was there for her very first breath of air, i was so happy to have her in my life, never did i look back and was ever sorry that i hada child. over the years shawna has made me laugh, cry, smile, frown, but some how no matter what the look on her face, the sound of her voice always made it rite. to my happy ness also comes my sadness i regreatfully must say i was there for her last breath of air as well. i truly miss my baby girl now and for ever, v v v v v
2014-10-07 00:00:00Karen PiechockiThe first time I met Shawna, Joey Piechocki (my son) brought her to meet me..I remember thinking she is such a personable, yet ditzy girl. Whenever she was around you couldn't help but instantly get in a better mood. We went prom dress shopping Shawna, my daughter Jen and I. It was so much fun to see the girls all dressed up and acting silly. Unfortunately, the store wouldn't let any pictures be taken...till this day my son Joe says he loved her so much and she was supposed to become his wife and the mother of his children. They had a special kind of love. Hopefully one day he finds that again...Love and miss you, Shawna!! xoxo