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Shawna J. Larassa
Memorial Scholarship Fund Inc

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10-06-2016 05:31
SJL RIDE 2015 ~ Return

02-06-2016 11:11
Happy to see this site is still going strong Smile

29-08-2014 04:03
SJL RIDE 2014 - Bikes returning to the Moose. Thanks to Jessica Eve Photography !!

renee cummings
09-07-2014 03:57
My precious niece shawna. I cant believe it's been 5years .the pain just feels likes yesterday. Ive been looking at pictures of you and kevin and brandon growing up .What precious times. Your bond

03-04-2014 11:17

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2015 SJL Memorial Scholarship Winners





* Britt Vermilyea * Breanna Uhlman * Ashley Schofield * Jenn Pinto * Steph Gibbs * Vinny Pascal * Tina Russell * Vanessa Marie Pascal * Betty Zina * Stone Teele * Taylor Brothers * Kyle Kinz * Kat Finnegan * Tyler Bradway * Ivan Cobie Mischenko * Marissa Flynn * Anthony Gemma * Emily Mae Abbott * Kassie Abbott * Sabrina LaDeau * Brittany Danforth * Stephanie Young * Kuiana Moisan * Dillon Kurzontkowski * Sam Kurzontkowski * Daniel Dilling * Marnie Cormier * Samantha Cousens * Krystal Ducote-Sadowski * Casey Phillips * 

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Aerial Footage SJL RIDE 2015

Aerial Footage SJL RIDE 2015 by QEDrones from Lancaster/Bolton Airfield:

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A Huge Thank You To Everyone From George

Be for warned, this post might be a little long I will try to keep it to a minimum though. Because I have already thanked a lot of people in person for what they have done to make Shawnas ride a success. Here goes. .....
I would like to take this moment to say thank you. Thank you to the people who came to the ride and show this support thank you to the people who could not make it but yet still showed support. Thank you to the Mallboro Police Department and thank you to the other police departments that were involved in this making it a safe ride. thank you to every single motorcyclist that came to the ride thank you to the people that came to the ride without any of you I couldn't do it. Thank you to everybody who she had this event on thee page in person or through word-of-mouth. Thank you to every single volunteer that help make this a safe event. I want to thank Matthew and all of his staff from the westenfer I want to thank the people that cooked over the hot grill. In to the people behind the scenes working with Matt To the vendors that came to the ice cream man that came to the Mallboro moves that helped with this event. To the people that were there to help clean up. To the people that helped set up.
To the people that took the time away from their jobs so that this could be a success. I want to thank the people that made the calendar A reality and a success and because of it's success with the sales of the calendar. I think will do it again for next year
Thank you to the so low riders and the other people that brought a car so that my family could be a part of the ride. Thank you to everybody in their generous donations that they gave so that the money could be raised to send people to school to make a better life for themselves Thank you to my family that came from as far as Colorado ,Texas ,Georgia,New Hampshire , mass. People put their lives on hold to come here because they believed in what I have been trying to do. Shawna as she looked down from the heavens as I hope she did saw what a legacy she has built from the heavens. From all the hard work from start to finish. It was a huge undertaking to get it done with the least bit of complications. Nothing is ever perfect and there's always room for improvement. If there were any issues or if a person has any thoughts or suggestions please feel free to let me know if you have gotten this far in reading my post you'll be glad to know the bike count was just over 330 bikes. And it was probably just over 1000 people. And yes a lot of money was raised because of it so with that being said there are a lot of people that will be getting help from Shawna above. I tried to keep this short and sweet. Please do not be offended if I left out anybody it was not intentional. I wanted to keep it short and heartfelt without making it too long so that you wouldn't read it. And as they say "in a blink of an eye" it's over. Sincerely
George Edward Larassa. V

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6th Annual SJL RIDE Interview

6th Annual SJL RIDE interview with George & Michelle!!  

Choose "Read More" to watch a "wicked, awesome video"  Cool 

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