Throwback Thursday

Hanging out with the famous George “Geo” Larassa…AKA the kindest, nicest guy I know, years ago at John Brown park. … Geo is the definition of an Angel on earth… here we are giving peace signs for his beautiful daughter Shawna (God rest her soul) who was taken from Geo far too young. However Geo didnt just mourn her passing…he created a tribute that has helped soooo many others in her name…he has done more charity work and done more for others than anyone I know personally. I stand in awe at his strength to turn the worst of tragedies into something amazing. His will to go on and help everyone he knows in some manner or another is inspiring and he made me want to be a better person by his examples of kindness …so I want to thank you Geo …for being the man you are …one of a kind with a heart of gold … love ya brother

Image courtesy of Tiki Riley

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